Dispel these myths about Ukrainian women and girls

Many misconceptions about Ukrainian girls and women are circulating online. I often read posts and even answers to questions on reputable websites that get the most hits and are written by people who have never been to Ukraine or dated a local girl.

For some reason these people believe they are qualified to judge the women of an entire nation, because they know someone who talked to or dated a Ukrainian girl online about 15 years ago. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful.

Let’s dispel some of the classic Ukrainian girl myths. Consider facts, not fiction, and the realities of today compared to what it was like 20 years ago.

4 typical myths about Ukrainian women

1. They live in poverty. Syrian refugees walk around with the latest iPhones and do you think women in a European country are left without modern gadgets, the internet and Italian fashion? Yes, your salaries are lower if you consider an equivalent in your currency. However, the prices in your country are also substantially lower. Can you spend a week at sea for USD $300? They can. Can you buy an apartment for $15,000?
They can. Most Ukrainian women own their houses, without a mortgage. You may have less extra money left over after paying the bills than they do. So you may be the one living in poverty compared to them. Actually, there are many westerners who move to live in the Ukraine because their money is spent a lot there. Go to YouTube and watch a couple of videos with aerial views or drone flights over kyiv, Odessa or Lviv. You will be impressed.

2. They want to marry rich foreigners. Women of all nations prefer rich gentlemen to poor ones. It’s hardly news. Single girls of any nationality want to meet a decent and stable guy when they think of settling down. Ukrainian girls are no different. Here there is no national factor.

3. Ukrainian women have no career aspirations. In your own country at the moment there are not many career prospects due to the economic crisis of the last 2 years (2014-2016). Average salaries were cut in half and many businesses closed. That is why many Ukrainians go to work abroad. Nearby Poland has more than 1 million Ukrainians working there. Then they come home, buy $15,000 apartments, and live quite well. Because they may not know the language perfectly or have local qualifications, Ukrainians often work in menial or easy-to-get jobs (fruit picking and packing, for example). It doesn’t mean they don’t have career aspirations, it just means they do what they can to support their families at home. Seasonal jobs are the easiest to obtain. She may have a teaching degree or even a medical doctor, but she works as a cashier in Europe. Such jobs are easily accessible to foreigners and are better paid than what you would have earned in Ukraine doing your skilled work.

4. Ukraine girls are gold diggers. Look at the plethora of sugar daddy websites and see what countries the female users come from. Are they Ukrainian? No, most of them are western girls and women. Sure, every nation has its share of gold digger women. But these guys are easy for anyone with a bit of dating experience to pick out. The guys who fall for gold diggers are often users themselves. Especially those who want to date or marry a girl 20 to 30 years younger are likely to come across some of the digging type and face trouble. Good girls prefer boys their own age or a little older (5-10 years). All you need is to have a stable job and not abuse alcohol. If, in addition to these important positive traits, you also want to settle down and maybe have babies, then you will get all their attention. Ukraine has one of the lowest male to female ratios in the world – just 86 men for every 100 women. Getting a life partner is a problem there, especially since many Ukrainians emigrate or work abroad due to the crisis. Girls do not migrate for jobs as often, as women are more vulnerable in an unfamiliar environment.

If you now understand how these myths are false, realize that no man can date enough women to pass judgment on the entire nation. Ukrainian girls are generally sweet and outgoing. They have characteristic Slavic facial features that many men find attractive.

When you talk about girls from the Ukraine, think of Mila Kunis or Olga Kurylenko. They are the type of ladies who have a typical look from that country.

Does it make sense to meet someone like these girls? Sure why not?

Use the recommended tips for dating Ukrainian women and you can find out for yourself what is true and what is not.

Have a fabulous time!

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