Hello girls!

I’m not saying ‘hi guys’ because I think this is a great girl story and you won’t be able to think about our shoes until you put them on, but still, if you want to read on then please welcome the guests … .

Hello girls and boys!

I’m a 27 year old girl working in an IT industry in a pretty good position, ummm, one shouldn’t be babbling about oneself so much so I’m in a good position. I own a bicycle, I live in a rented apartment in BHK that I have decorated a lot with all the girls clothes, mainly in pink and green (both favorite colors).

I have many friends and four best friends, every weekend we have a great time, sometimes this explosion includes disco, drunkenness, dancing, sometimes it includes cooking the best dishes that can be experienced at my house or at a friend’s house , sometimes putting an outdoor grill on my balcony and at the same time having cold drinks with a beer feel (I don’t allow alcohol in my apartment as it leaves a stinky smell … that’s gross) sometimes riding our bikes without knowing what our destination is, in short there are many times and only one many times and that is shoooppppinggg! But the sad part of this many times is that it lasts only two weeks after our wages are paid.

Summing up my life, it was incredibly amazing when one fine day my friend Silvia said:

“I am going to marry”

“WHattttt … you must be kidding.”

“Nooo I’m not, my face looks like I’m joking, is there any smile you can see on it” it sounded like a wild cat.

“How, why, when, where …” He was damn confused.

“There is a boy, he is an NRI, my family knows his family well, he will go to the United States next month, so his parents want him to get married before he leaves, and now I am the one who has chosen .. .. bingo, I’m the luckiest girl of the millennium “

She was so confused that she couldn’t understand her bingo and the luckiest girl of the millennium wanted to say “Shoot I’m screwed” or she really felt lucky. Then it took me a few seconds to understand and you don’t worry either.

“But he’s leaving next month, how are you going to marry him in a month?”

“Oh yeah, this is something you thought and I haven’t been thinking,” he roared at me like a tigress.

“Okay, calm down baby, what are your parents’ thoughts?”

“They have gone crazy, if they could, tomorrow they will marry me”

Now tell me, what can you say to a girl when she says something like this? Please note that you were holding a disposal glass full of tea, what we call here in Bangalore full teacup and you haven’t had a sip. still.

“Hmm …” I couldn’t hmm for long, I had to say something, she was waiting for my tickets, but I had to think and talk after all, I had a full cup of tea in hand. Where the hell are my other friends …

Say something, say anything, let’s think of something, you have such a big head that you can’t think of a sensible word other than hmm.

“Hmmmm …” I said again, this time it was a bit longer.

Dear, do not laugh, it is a natural phenomenon, in a crisis situation the brain stops working.

“What hmmm … are you doing? This is the decision of my life, I can’t make it in a few minutes or a few hours, I got to know that guy”

“Yeah … why don’t you talk to that boy once? You will meet him.”

“Ohh please, even a sex addict will also be nice to you when you talk to him for the first time.”

“I am very sure that he will not be a sex addict, your parents know him na”

“I’m not saying he’s a sex addict, my God, what if he is?” she panicked.

“Do you want me to get you a soda or something? Since it’s too hot in here, I don’t think tea is a good idea at this time of day” I said swallowing my own saliva.

“Yes please, thank you very much” she said throwing the full cup of tea straight into the garbage can without even getting up.

“Relax honey … I’m sure he would be a very nice boy. After all, he will be your husband” I said with a very big and flattering smile on my face.

“So you think?” she said with pitying eyes.

“Oh honey, definitely … talk to him once”

“Hey wait, if you’re traveling to America next month, what about you?” I said again, but I don’t know why he had to say this, for the first time that night he calmed down and boom … he lit the fire again …

“Yes … exactly … and you know his parents have the solution for this too. You want to know what it is, the solution is that I will take a transfer from here to Chandigarh and stay with his parents while he is in the US. . I will apply for a dependent visa and once it is approved I will have to quit my job and happily go live with him, cook for him, sweep for him and surely sleep with him too. Dependent visa right … I will not have permission from work, which means I’ll be out of work, totally out of work… ”She was going crazy.

“Take a breath … calm down, everything will be fine … calm down”

“Your parents must have thought of all this, why don’t you talk to them first?” I said again.

“They want me to get married … I’m a burden to them …” and now she was crying. I felt bad.

“Come honey, let’s go to my room”

We were about to leave when two of my friends came, their timing was perfect, like the cops in the Bollywood movie, after the show ended.

“Hey … what happened, why are you crying” said Joe.

“It’s a long story, let’s go to my apartment to discuss” I said.

We drove to my apartment which is on the fourth floor and the elevator was undergoing maintenance, so Silvia had stopped crying on the way from the ground floor to the fourth floor up the stairs.

When I opened my flat, my other two friends, the most vicious characters, rushed to occupy the most inflated beanbags leaving behind two, among which one was fine to sit on and the other was a mini beanbag that I got free when I did. I bought the other big three.

I, being the most generous and also self-invited host of the evening, offered Silvia to sit on the largest and the smallest, adjusting my goal in some way.

“So what’s the big story?” said Addi, another friend of mine.

“Did someone steal his jeans from the deck again while he was letting them dry after washing?” Joe joked.

“Guys, this is serious, Sil is getting married” I said

“What …” they both said at the same time.

I narrated the whole story and first they said ‘Hawww’, then ‘hmmm’ and then nothing really after giving their two reactions, they just nodded.

“I have an idea, why isn’t Sil calling that guy right now from here?” Joe snapped.

“Whoa whoa … shouldn’t her parents know about this before she calls him?” Addi said with concern.

“Okay Sil, go ahead and tell your parents that you’re going to call him right now just because you need to meet the boy you’re going to marry,” Joe said as if he was going to call Sil’s parents if he didn’t.

“Don’t you think I should wait for the boy to call first? Won’t she seem too desperate if she calls him first?” Addi said again.

“Honey, she only has thirty days and if you exclude her today, she only has twenty-nine days left, so do you really think she has time to waste thinking about who is desperate and who is not?” I was so mad.

“I’m going to call him now, where’s my phone, give me my phone?” Silvia panicked.

“Easy cat, easy … call your parents first and then call him. Speak well and please do not panic” I said, I was actually worried, since she was behaving like a damn crazy person.

He took his cell phone and went to the terrace.

In the meantime, we decided to make pepper chicken for dinner, but for now we are content with tea and some sandwiches.

The three of us started chatting, first with arranging marriages, then complaining about our managers, gradually we went into the grasp of different technologies, current openings, walks and usual daily things, when our drama queen returned from the terrace after about two hours, if two. hours!

She came back with a very, very big smile on her face and yes, it is unlikely that her demeanor blushed as well.

“Hey hey, what happened? You seem too happy,” I said.

“Girls, he’s kind of cute and understanding too. I liked him. He listened to my aspirations; he even said he’d get me a work permit so I could get a job there too.”

“Honey, isn’t he a sex addict?” I said with a sly smile on my face.

“Ohh shut up, he’s too cute to be that”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the good time we lost our friend!

She used to be with us with her cell phone constantly ringing, she needs less to explain who called her.

In another twenty-five days we would attend the marriage ceremony of one of our best friends. Trust me, those last 25 days weren’t easy. We have been buying sarees, embroidered suits (very heavy embroidery, yes, many, some had even gold work, some you can’t even look directly, you had to have sunglasses to look at, well I won’t deny that some were nice, what that even made me think about getting married, but only for a few seconds, no more than that!)

Oh! I forgot to buy shoes, bags, makeup kit (these products are so expensive, that little velvety dresser box cost him ten grand, shit, what can we apply on just seven inches of face for ten thousand dollars!) And how I forgetting about lingerie (buying them was fun).

On March 8, 2014 our friend got married. We become three out of four. Although there is no culture of the bride’s maiden in Punjabi families or ours, we still proclaim ourselves three bride-maidens dressed similarly in different colors.

That was the first time I went to a wedding where I didn’t just go to eat or comment on the bride and groom, it was my friend’s wedding. She looked like a princess, yes, a princess loaded with gold!

“Do you think our Sil is married?” I said.

“I still can’t believe that he won’t be wandering with us all over town again, he won’t be there for roadside tea, shopping with us, making his rajma chawal any more” Joe got mad and we did.

We hug and get engaged, no matter who we marry and where we go, we will always be in touch.

“You know what, Silvia is too brave to get married so soon. I’m never going to get married so fast, I need time” I said.

But girls, it is very common to say ‘Never say never’ and at the time I said it, somehow somewhere in the universe there were meteorites colliding, with great lightning bolts, some planets stopped for seconds, changed their routes and finally my so I made my DESTINY. Yes, my destiny became twisted, twisted as hell!

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