Learn to make a guy jealous and love you in 5 very simple steps. See, most people, even girls, wouldn’t know who or what they really wanted if he was standing right in front of them with banners and waving lightsabers. The answer to this problem is simple: Jealousy… or a bit of it. When done right, a little bit of jealousy can solve your problem and get his attention, or better yet, make him want you.

  1. be fine without him. Girls can be too clingy at times, and this pushes boys away more than girls could understand. As a result, a guy might take you for granted. Have a great life without your guy and you can have a better one with him. Let him see that your world doesn’t completely revolve around him, and that you can be happy and busy even without his attention.
  2. Don’t answer on the first ring, or don’t answer at all. He may be used to you answering his calls as soon as you hear the phone ring, and he may think that you have nothing better to do than sit and wait for him to call. You don’t want this if you want me to chase you. Pretend you’re busy. From time to time, he needs you to remind him that you are doing other things besides pleasing him.
  3. Tell him how other guys give you their attention. If someone else is flirting with you, tell your man about it. If someone asks you out, tell your guy about him. Let him see that you are not hungry for attention because you are getting enough. If you want to start making a guy jealous and wanting you, let him know that he has competition. However, don’t let your conversations start and end with these things or he’ll just lose interest.
  4. If you’re going after a man who isn’t yours but you want to make him jealous anyway, try dating other men to get his attention. Date guys who are in his circle, but not those who are close to him. Don’t let relationships get too serious, but don’t let them be too casual either.
  5. I do not need it. Boys are natural providers. They will fight for you when you need it, they will give you protection and everything you need. Guys need girls to need them, because they think there’s no point if you don’t. If you act like you don’t need a guy, he’ll do everything he can to make you think otherwise.

There are dangers of making a man jealous. Retaliation and evasion may be the least of your problems. Some guys can be overzealous and obsessive and possessive. Others could easily be destructive. There are many ways to make a guy jealous and want you, but keeping him safe and not overdoing it will always be best for you and the guy.

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