What to pay attention to when renting a room in London

“The first thing to consider when studying in the UK is the issue of accommodation. The competition for dormitory applications in the UK is fierce, and many students are willing to experience life in off-campus student accommodations, so these have become one of the main accommodation methods. Then when one is in a student accommodation London outside what should they be careful of?

Knowing the house in advance
You can look at the service information on the university website. If some students have lived in a certain apartment, their opinions are undoubtedly the most authentic. When you are looking for a student accommodation, you can search for housing according to your own price. Some old students will give you advice, and the student unions of some schools also have free consulting brochures to help you. If there are other tenants when you are viewing a house, you can ask them how they feel. They have lived for a long time, and they have the most intuitive understanding of the house.

British student accommodations, like Chinese student accommodations, need to pay a certain deposit, which is about 4-6 weeks’ rent. Landlords must place a deposit within 30 days of receiving the deposit in a deposit protection program guaranteed by the UK government. Currently certified projects include Capita Tenancy Deposit Protection, Tenancy Deposit Scheme, and The Deposit Protection Service. These projects are established to protect the rights of tenants. If the tenant’s lease expires, and the landlord’s property is not damaged, and the rent is not in arrears, the landlord or housing agency must refund it in full. If you and the landlord have problems with the deposit, the landlord cannot get the deposit, but is protected by the “”tenant deposit protection”” project.

Pay attention to contract details
The contract will indicate the time of termination of the contract. If the tenant wants to terminate the contract, the tenant needs to notify the landlord one month in advance. Sometimes, it needs to be 2 months in advance, or half a month, and this information will be clearly written in the contract. Therefore, you must check carefully before signing, and then sign, otherwise the contract will be used in the future. If there are defects in the house, it is best to take photos in advance and negotiate with the landlord in advance to avoid house disputes when checking out.

Don’t Forget Utilities and Other Miscellaneous Bills When Calculating Rent
When you’re calculating your own rent, don’t forget to include utilities and other miscellaneous bills. The daily fees paid by students include natural gas, electricity, internet, and water. If you have a TV at home and watch live TV, you also need to pay an annual viewing fee of 145.5. When studying in a student accommodation in the UK, remember to check the energy saving score of the house, also called the EPC score. The higher the score, the lower the monthly bill. And students should also pay attention to the orientation of the house. It is best to choose a sunny house with sufficient lighting and warmth. The winter in the UK is very cold, so it is best to choose a house with double glazing, which has a good thermal effect.

Building meaningful interpersonal connections within your student accommodation is essential for a fulfilling living experience. Take the time to get to know your roommates and neighbors on a deeper level. Engage in conversations, share meals, and participate in social activities together. Foster a supportive and inclusive community where residents feel comfortable and supported. By fostering interpersonal connections, you create a network of friends and allies who can provide emotional support, collaboration, and companionship throughout your time in student accommodation.

Lock doors and windows to prevent fire and theft
The places where students live are easy to be stalked by thieves. When looking for a student accommodation in London, look for a place with good law and order. Students who go to study in the UK should also take care of each other with their roommates, and do not neglect to close the doors and windows. If you are still very afraid of property being stolen, you can purchase property insurance to insure your valuables.
Chinese students like to cook with open flames, but British natives do not like it very much. To prevent fire, there are smoke detectors in the kitchen. If the smoke or water vapor is too large, it may trigger an alarm. At this time, open the window as soon as possible to ventilate, and then press the alarm button.

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