STEP ONE – discovering your way – Read and study. Read everything you can get. You need to read anything that tells you more about witchcraft beliefs, magazines, books, and web pages. As you study, there are other forms of the trade that help. (nature) For example, you could go hiking or camping. Sunbathe, moonlight, see animals, etc.

STEP TWO – Define Your Path – In a notebook, folder, or journal start writing down some of the reasons why the trade is for you. What does it mean to you to be a witch? What do you hope to achieve? How do you visualize the God and the Goddess? What does the Divine mean to you? Be honest. This notebook will become your book of shadows.

STEP THREE – Exploring Magic – Magic is simply uplifting and channeling the energy found in yourself, nature, and the divine. Before you start working with magic, you need to understand what it is. You also need to know the basic structure of a ritual, casting circles, calling quarters, invoking the god / god, raising and directing energy, grounding and centering and closing the circle. Know the moon phases. Learn to feel how the moon affects your body. Keep records of everything you have learned in your shadow book.

STEP FOUR – Learn to Focus – You should now start working on meditation and visualization exercises to increase your concentration. Learn to be calm. You can start by meditating at least 3 times a week for about five minutes. You must do this for at least a month. Remember to keep a record in your shadow book.

STEP FIVE – working with magic – You can now begin some basic spellwork. Start with a full moon ritual or a new moon ritual.

STEP SIX – Self dedication – After you have studied meditation and magic work for at least five or six months, it is time to perform a self dedication ritual. Design it however you like. A self-dedication ritual means that you are dedicating yourself to the trade.

STEP SEVEN – the year between dedication and initiation – You can start yourself when you feel ready. The year that passes between your self-dedication and your initiation you should spend celebrating the Sabbaths, meditating, practicing your spell, and studying. Take advantage of this time to learn about different forms of divination, such as Tarot or Runes, and different forms of healing, such as herbalism. Make sure you are recording in your shadow book.

STEP EIGHT – Networking – You should spend a year of solo study after dedicating yourself before a witch considers joining a coven or circle. This gives you a full year to celebrate the Sabbath cycle.

STEP NINE – Initiation – An initiation should be something meaningful to you. The ritual should be written only by you. The initiation of a coven is a means of uniting a group. Initiation to the trade must always be a solitary ritual.

You still have to learn and practice. If you really want to be a witch, prepare to spend the rest of your life studying and learning about this religion.

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