In their quest to find the coveted cancer vaccines, unscrupulous researchers injected humans with a variety of dangerous viruses and cancer-causing agents. To consider:

* Throughout the 1950s, researchers injected human subjects with transplanted cancer cells to see if human tumors were “transmissible.” They were.[1]

* In the 1960s, cancer researchers injected people with experimental monkey cancer and tumor viruses to see if animal viruses were capable of crossing the species barrier to cause tumors in humans. They were.[2]

* In the late 1970s, researchers mixed these same monkey sarcoma viruses with freshly cultured monkey immunosuppressive viruses to see if they grew in human cell cultures. They did it.[3]

* In the early 1980s, an epidemic of rare sarcomas began in human populations suddenly infected with a mysterious immunosuppressive virus. This virus (HIV) was traced to a monkey virus similar to those grown in human cell cultures by cancer researchers just before the AIDS epidemic.

This short sample of cold-blooded human experimentation published on decades of cancer vaccine research raises horrible questions about more recent developments, such as:

– Could the AIDS / cancer epidemic that broke out on the scene in the 1980s be the logical culmination of a horrific series of human experiments designed to induce cancer with viruses for vaccine research?

– Is this the reason researchers confidently predict that the AIDS-induced cancer epidemic will lead to much-sought human cancer vaccines, reflecting the success of animal cancer vaccine experiments with immunosuppressive viruses?

In a shocking exhibition by Jerry Leonard, AIDS: The ?? Perfect ?? Disease, the author shows why viruses like HIV were designed for cancer research and provides evidence that vaccines were not just the target behind AIDS, but its source. He builds a case that public vaccination campaigns were used as a vehicle to create a model of infection. of human cancer and thus replicating decades of successful laboratory animal experiments in human populations.

Furthermore, the author chillingly describes why he believes these kinds of experiments using vaccine programs will continue uninterrupted, with increasingly powerful genetic engineering techniques, until the public realizes what is being done and demands that it cease. exploitation.

This book is designed to alert and educate the public about how the goals of cancer researchers, no matter how noble, are being achieved through dangerous and unethical means.

Informed action is imperative. Such experiments must be exposed and stopped now.

To learn the repressed history behind AIDS, read: AIDS: The ?? perfect ?? Disease.


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