Do you have a whole house humidifier? You better have a UV light system too!

Whole house humidifiers and portable room units can be a good way to put needed moisture back into the air in your home, preventing allergy and asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. Here’s one thing to be careful about, though: Since a whole-house humidifier is adding moisture to the air passing through the ductwork (where mold and bacteria often live), if you don’t have a UV light system Because you’re killing those mold spores and bacteria, you’re giving them the moisture they need to multiply and grow, which can flood your home with ten times more airborne mold and bacteria than it did before you added the humidifier.

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but the ductwork in our homes, unless it’s new or recently cleaned (within 2 months), is typically teeming with dust mites, viruses, pet dander, and other contaminants. , as well as live mold. spores and bacteria. Those mold spores and live bacteria tend to do quite well in there because there’s a lot of organic material for them to feed on, as well as moisture from the cooling coil. And we’re talking about the ductwork after the filter, between the unit and the floor vents, so no, A/C filters can’t remove anything from this area. And adding more moisture to the ductwork further feeds these mold spores and bacteria, which can cause them to multiply rapidly and create some real health hazards in your home.

However, you can use a whole house humidifier if you have an ultraviolet light air filter installed in the duct. Top-rated UV or ultraviolet light air purification systems use 36-watt laboratory bulbs that emit enough light units to destroy over 95% of virtually all strains of bacteria and mold, including algae. So if you have one of these UV systems installed in your HVAC or central air conditioning system duct, that will kill mold spores and floating bacteria, and add OH- ions to the air, which will also kill any mold and bacteria wherever they are in ductwork, attached to interior walls, etc. This way, you can enjoy that extra soothing moisture you need, without creating a health hazard for you and your family.

Ultraviolet light air filters are very effective in reducing respiratory and sinus problems in general, so if you have any conditions like this, you may find additional relief by having the necessary moisture and NOT having more of the spores. mold or bacteria floating around to continually reinfect you. Duct-mounted UV air purifiers are also good at reducing odors, as the OH ions tend to neutralize them as well.

So, especially if you’re thinking about buying a whole house humidifier or using a portable room humidifier now, consider adding an ultraviolet light system to your central air conditioner to ensure you get the best relief for allergies or colds. respiratory tract. you can catch without feeding bacteria and mold spores (and viruses) that are often the problem.

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