Florida Beaches are globally known as one of the best vacation destinations in the entire world and are, with that, the most amazing vacation travel spots for all beach lovers. The beautiful sun, the perfect weather, and also the always bright and soft sand, together with the swaying palm trees and the fantastic blue and green water, provide vacationers every year with an unforgettable vacation experience.

Swimming, surfing and parasailing, as well as having a great time sunbathing, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving are exclusively the adventures you will experience on a daily basis. On some beaches, you can dive into old shipwrecks and treasures, experience colorful sea beds and exotic fish, like in Key West, Panama City, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. On all the beaches there are always many things you can do. Rent a boat and go sunbathe somewhere with your family, or have a wonderful picnic somewhere under the palm trees. Hotel rooms are very affordable, many are pet friendly.

But aside from all the water fun and beach experience, you can also find cozy restaurants, shopping areas, movie theaters, and local fun family activities at all these beach spots, which you can use anyway. Many beaches are close to each other, so you can visit a different area as many times as you like. Sometimes it’s not really difficult with your car, to get to a completely different environment. And that can add a lot more fun and variety to your family trip. On our website, you can always find a Google map on every second page for each beach, located below the slideshow and our affordable hotel deals. And if you get closer to that, you will also find all the surrounding attractions in the entire area.

Several beach areas have the opportunity to make a short visit very easily to Orlando or Tampa, as well as other similar famous places, where fun features world-renowned family attractions such as Sea World, Disney World, Bush Gardens and Cape Canaveral can provide to you and your loved ones a great boost to spend a memorable time together. The closest connections you can get from Clearwater, St Pete, St. Petersburg, Daytona and Flagler Beach.

In some areas you will see adorable dolphins and manatees coming up, and you can play with them all day. This is mostly happening in smaller beach places like Crystal River which might be the best. In addition, entering the country is one of the most exciting adventures in these regions. The local vegetation and many types of wildlife are also a perfect reason for more variety. There are certain areas full of nature and full of exotic animals, that you would not think to find all that here in Florida. The kids can really have fun, take a tour through the forest and see all the wildlife that is there. But you have to read a little more on our website, so you can better compare, whatever you are most excited about. Almost all the beaches have their own parks and beautiful surroundings, where you can walk and experience real nature. But of course, Orlando and Tampa have the most fun family attractions, if you want to spend a whole day doing all of that.

Once again, surfing or playing with some diving equipment or piloting a rented boat or yacht, is not a problem at all. You will be entertained on the beach the entire time of your stay. And the exotic climate and vegetation is another component for new and superb sensations.

For families, all of these ideal components are the complete solution for an affordable vacation. From deeply experiencing this exotic environment to living personal adventures full of pleasure and enjoyment and many creative activities throughout the day, there is such a variety of possibilities, that everyone in the family, at the beach, will be completely satisfied. And then, there is still something else to explore, such as movies, a disco, television, or a haute cuisine restaurant, where everyone can relax and enjoy a different menu from home.

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