By the end of this article, you will be surprised to discover a new YOU. You may not be aware of it, but whatever you do is connected in one way or another to your past life experiences. NLP reveals a little secret to you that your positive past experience can positively guide you in your life, on the contrary, negative past experience can block your path of progress. It is a proven fact.

Sometimes it has been obvious that a person knows what they want from their life and the ways to achieve that goal in their life. However, he is not successful in his life. Do you know what made him fail in achieving his goal? His past experiences do not allow him to move forward in life.

Everyone has a darker side to their lives. You must have suffered a situation where you were terribly injured. NLP says that you were not unlucky because you had a bad experience, but that you are unlucky because you are allowing that bad experience to still reside with you. Good and bad times are part of life. Abraham Lincoln faced wrongs in his life, but he still succeeded. In fact, he succeeded because he experienced wrongs in his life.

The most unfortunate thing is that your past experiences hurt you in the past and still hurt you while forcing you to pass up the opportunities you deserve. NLP can help you frame your experiences in a new way for the brighter side of your life.

All you have to do is follow the NLP exercise, so that the thought of your bad experience doesn’t bother you anymore:

Step 1. Choose a comfortable place: Sit in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself completely relaxed and calm.

Step 2. Recover the past memory of the event with NLP: Now, think about the issue that is disturbing you. Remember the moment when you faced that situation. Go back to that moment when you really faced that in your life. As you recall the past scene, use all of your senses to recall the event.

This is one of the most powerful NLP techniques:

1. See (the people around you)

2. Listen to sounds

3. Feel (whether you’re tense or upset)

4. Smell or taste

With NLP Relate your event with all your sensory organs. This is one of the popular NLP techniques for remembering past events in your life. This way you will easily discover how it affects you.

Step 3. NLP helps you check the effect of past thought on you: Now notice how that event or bad experience event affects you or your emotions. How do you feel? Does that past experience of your life still affect you? What effect does it have on you?

Step 4. Choose a summary scene: After reviewing your past life experience, choose a scene that sums up the entire experience. Once you do that, freeze it in a fixed scene.

Step 5. Frame that scene: Now, you need to put a frame around that scene. Think about what kind of frame you would use for this scene. For example, wood, ornamental or silver metal? Play around this, until you’ve found a framework like your own personality.

Step 6. Convert the scene to an image or photograph: What kind of photo would you like to take with it? Choose it of your own choice. It can be a color or black and white photo. This NLP technique works wonders.

Step 7. Hang that photo or painting in a museum: Wait a minute and smell the air in the museum, listen to the sounds and feel how you like being there. Take a look at your past experience hanging on the walls of the museum. Look how you feel now? Do they still affect you in any way? How do you feel now and how does your body react to that?

Step 8. Now convince your mind that the bad experience that bothered you or hurt you is completely gone. Now you are free. See how it feels. This is one of the powerful techniques of NLP. NLP has helped you get rid of the bad experience that did not allow you to live a free and comfortable life. With NLP you are no longer a victim of past disturbing events or happenings in your life.

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