24 Hour Reception Service at the Student Accommodation in Newcastle

There is a 24 hour reception service at the student accommodation in Newcastle, so you will always have someone on hand for any questions or concerns you may have. The staff will also be able to help you book trips and activities, which is perfect for students looking to get the most out of their time in the city.

Newcastle student accommodation is a city with lots to offer its residents, including the many students who choose to study here each year. It is home to a couple of well renowned universities, such as the University of Newcastle and Northumbria University, as well as being a popular destination for students who enjoy its buzzing nightlife and culture, such as its breweries and museums.

The city has a rich history and is full of renowned landmarks, as well as a huge variety of high street and independent shops. The city is a top shopping destination, as well as a hotspot for food and drink lovers with restaurants and bars scattered all over the place. There are also some beautiful parks in the area, ideal for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life or enjoying a sunny afternoon with friends.

There is a 24 Hour Reception Service at the Student Accommodation in Newcastle

With a fantastic selection of Newcastle student accommodation available, Newcastle is an excellent choice for those looking to live close to the universities. It is possible to find student houses in Newcastle that are within walking distance of both the Uni of Newcastle and Northumbria campuses, as well as being located near plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Newcastle also has some great transport links that make getting around a breeze. The bus and metro services are a popular option with student tickets available for discounted rates on both. Taxis are also easy to find with a short journey in the centre costing no more than PS5.

For students who are parents or have families, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment is crucial. Create spaces and resources that cater to the needs of parents and families within your student accommodation community. Advocate for family-friendly policies, such as flexible accommodations or childcare options. Foster understanding and empathy for the unique challenges faced by student parents. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for parents and families, you create a living community that values and supports the diverse experiences of all its residents.

There are some great student flats in Newcastle that offer a wide range of modern facilities. These include en-suite bathrooms, spacious living areas, separate study rooms and a range of other features. Some of the Newcastle student houses even come with a special social space for hanging out and entertaining guests. You can also find lots of value deals and bonus add-ons on the Unilodgers site, such as free WiFi and a flat screen TV.

One of the best things about Newcastle is that its students love to party! The city has become well known as a party destination thanks to the hugely popular reality show Geordie Shore, and this is reflected in the city’s lively music scene and numerous clubs, bars and pubs. There is also a fantastic selection of restaurants and breweries that are perfect for students looking to try some local cuisine.

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