In the novel The paper chase by John Osborn one of the most important characters was Professor Kingsfield. The setting was the law school and the professor was instrumental in teaching the young students to become good lawyers. The student’s feelings were obviously not a concern to Kingsfield, as his sole goal is to provide the greatest possible value as a teacher to his students. Their lectures were so well planned and accurate that they were able to finish the last page of reading material during the last minute of class, which meant they were never late or ahead of their planned schedule.

Author Osborn, Jr. paints the character of Professor Kingsfield as the respected and successful attorney par excellence. He seemed to obtain all the necessary characteristics to be successful in the field of law. Kingsfield’s intelligence, time management, and work ethic were a few examples of the qualities that made a great impression on Hart and the other law students.

One night when Hart was walking across campus, he ran into his friend Anderson and said, “Hey, you’re looking at the Kingsfield office,” Hard said, his mouth rounded in a smile. “You can really see from behind, can’t you?”

It made him feel close to Anderson. “I’m not looking at it,” Anderson said stiffly. “I am studying it”.

“Study it?” Hart said.

“I want to learn the best way to maximize my time, so I use it as a model. Everything is related to the qualification point.”

Having anyone looking out of a window in the middle of the night to study a person’s actions to help them with their own time management gives an idea of ​​just how brilliant Kingsfield is. This is because the essence of Anderson’s actions seems to be the epitome of not wasting his time usefully.

The teacher was clearly one of the most efficient people Hart had ever met. It is important to use these role models as future mentors. For these law students, the increased work they do during school will help them with their cases in the future.

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