A flower girl always wears a beautiful and fashionable dress. The dress, however, can be found in various styles. A girl can wear an Easter dress, a ball gown, or even a sundress for a casual summer wedding. Similarly, a dress can be worn for other special occasions. In fact, there are numerous ways to repurpose a flower girl dress.

Top 10 tips

1. Save it for the future

Wedding dresses and christening gowns are often kept to become heirloom dresses. Not so many flower girl dresses are preserved this way. However, these dresses can be preserved for future generations. Many preservation companies that work with wedding dresses will also handle these dresses. Conservation kits can also be purchased to prepare the dress at home.

2. Attend a special occasion

These beautiful dresses can be worn for future special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. The rich velvet dresses are perfect for Christmas celebrations. Soft pastel dresses look elegant at Easter. Dresses with removable sashes or flowers can always get a special new look.

3. Go to a tea party

Every day can be a special occasion. Girls love tea parties. Turn a summer afternoon into a craft or tea party. Children can decorate wide-brimmed straw hats with flowers and ribbons. The afternoon ends with a snack in which all the girls want to look their best.

4. Wear a wonderful white

White is the most popular color for these dresses. The mini wedding dress is always beautiful white. White dresses can be worn for upcoming religious celebrations: First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism in later life, or other church presentations. Adding the right accessories (jackets, boleros, headdresses, veils) creates a new look. Remove a colored sash from a white dress and the result can be an elegant communion dress.

5. make it green

Modern weddings are often eco-friendly weddings. The previously loved dresses are ideal for green wedding. Pass a dress to a green bridal party.

6. Work for charity

Some charities accept slightly worn formal attractions. They sell the clothes to raise funds for worthwhile projects. Other retailers sell recycled dresses and then donate a percentage of their profits to charities. Donating a flower girl dress can make another child’s dream come true. Check out the charities in your local area.

7. Play dress-up

When you are a girl, you don’t need a special occasion or even a tea party to have fun. Children are only limited by their imaginations and all children love to play dress-up. Flower girl dresses turn little girls into little princesses. Wearing ballet flats with a loose dress transforms a young girl into a beautiful ballerina. Capture these special moments in photos. The costume allows children to have fun while expressing their creativity.

8. Go to a play

When performing a play at home, it helps to have a charming dress for the female lead. Special dresses are useful for school concerts or theater club performances. Budding actresses shine in divine dresses.

9. Share the beauty

This beautiful dress can bring a touch of beauty to many lives. Its fine fabrics can be made into sachets, memory pillows or even table skirts. The dress pieces can also be used to make a recycled dress. This fabric can be passed on to a seamstress or anyone with a talent for sewing can use it at home. A seamstress can wear a bodice from one dress and match it with sleeves from another dress. Exquisite details like lace and rhinestones can be added to make a unique dress.

10. Have a creative Halloween

The dress can also be part of a Halloween costume. The possibilities are endless for a creative Halloween outfit. White dresses can help little ones to become beautiful princesses or even scary ghosts. Any dress in a deep, rich fall color, like dark brown, can match the spirit of Halloween. Black dresses add a look of mystery and magic to Halloween. Black dresses are very much in fashion, especially with the growing number of black and white weddings.

Regardless of color, these beautiful dresses can have a life beyond weddings. They can be enjoyed in the present or in the future. However, a beautiful dress should not be without purpose. Unless preserved as an heirloom, the dress should be at the center of a girl’s life. The flower girl dress can still be part of the fun, laughter and happiness.

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