AFC West 2015 Offseason Changes

Denver Broncos: The Broncos were unlucky, like Jacksonville, as they lost TE Jeff Hauerman third-round pick of the year with a torn ACL. He was signed as a replacement for TE Julius Thomas. The Broncos are deep in WR, but Peyton Manning loves to pitch to his tight ends. They signed TE Owen Daniels after he spent a year in […]

How Can an Employment Lawyer Help Me?

Employment Lawyer Help Me Employment Lawyer Markham of Sydney has some great articles I’ve read over the years. One in particular caught my attention and stated, “It is easy to find a employment lawyer in Sydney. It is the law that is more difficult to follow.” That is certainly true. Laws change frequently and can be confusing for people who […]

Guide on how to become a certified lawyer in Thailand

Thailand is known for its democratic legal system, which includes four courts, such as the Constitutional, the Military, the Administrative, and the Court of Justice. Anyone who wishes to become a lawyer in Thailand is not required to pass the bar exam, as an aspiring lawyer would in the United States. Furthermore, this type of profession is not grouped into […]

10 characteristics of an effective soccer coach

An effective soccer coach must not only have in-depth knowledge of everything related to soccer. He must also possess special characteristics that will help him become a great coach and produce a winning soccer team. A successful soccer team doesn’t just depend on physical and technical requirements, it is usually more than that. The soccer coach must develop skills to […]

Fertility preservation in women and men with Hodgkin lymphoma

Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes, the cells that are part of the human immune system. The disease was first described in 1832 and can begin anywhere lymphocytes are found (lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, or digestive tracts). Two types are recognized; Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 3,800 women and 4,600 […]

Computer crime, can it be stopped?

Cybercrime and my personal experience I decided to investigate the topic of cybercrime on the Internet because I, like many consumers, pay bills, buy and conduct other types of personal and business transactions on the Internet. Two years ago, my credit card information was stolen after paying a cell phone bill on the Internet. Therefore, the question of whether or […]

How to think like a guitarist

Playing the guitar (and music in general) means learning to think in new ways and sometimes working against human nature. I’d like to give you some great brain tricks to help you learn guitar concepts and become a better guitarist. This is not a music theory article. Instead, I’ll show you how to overcome some of the overly human blocks […]

Restrictions on participation in leisure

In “Restrictions on Leisure,” Edgar L. Jackson and David Scott provide an overview of the field of research on limitations on leisure in the late 1990s. They note that researchers in the field originally studied what was then called “barriers to recreational participation”, but the word “barriers” refers to what is now considered only one type of restriction: something that […]

Who will pay for the children’s college education after divorce?

During the divorce process, parents have a long list of issues to discuss and resolve, including the division of their assets (e.g. house, cars, bank accounts, retirement accounts, pension plans, etc.), division of your debts (for example, credit cards, car loans, personal loans, home equity loans, college loans, etc.), child custody and visitation schedule, child support, and spousal support. In […]

Make every day a day to give thanks

Since this blog will debut on Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good time to focus on the value of giving thanks as an important part of your daily life. Although I see the importance of having specific days to honor the things that have value to most people, such as Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. […]