Is There a Gym Facility Available at the Student Accommodation in Reading?

Gym Facility Available at the Student Accommodation in Reading

Students living in Reading can benefit from a vibrant city life with great cafes, bars and clubs all within close proximity. The town also has a number of stunning parks to explore, including the iconic Thames Lido with its beautiful beach and Mediterranean tapas restaurant.

Reading student accommodation comes in a wide range of types like whole house shared apartments, fully furnished studios and en suite rooms. Choosing the best place to live in Reading depends on your preferences. Students wanting to live closer to the university can opt for student flats in the town centre near Central Studios, Queens Court or 79 Silver Street. Those who want to live in quieter areas of the town can choose from places such as Crown House, Whitley or the residential area of Cemetery Junction and Newton.

One of the main features that students look for in purpose-built student accommodation is a gym facility and whether it has everything needed to train hard. The design of student accommodation gyms has evolved over the years as brands compete with each other to create marketable and student-friendly fitness spaces. This trend has also extended to creating wellness spaces that promote holistic wellbeing rather than just a room to train cardio or strength machines.

Students staying in student accommodation in Reading will find that the majority of gyms have a good mix of equipment. However, the most important feature of a gym is that it is well maintained and clean. This is the only way to guarantee that the equipment will be in working condition and that it will be available for use at all times of the day. The location of a gym is also important as it should be easy to reach from the Reading student accommodation.

Is There a Gym Facility Available at the Student Accommodation in Reading?

A good gym should have a variety of different weights to accommodate the different fitness levels of the students that use it. It should also have a good amount of benches and moveable weights for flexibility training. It should also have a fair amount of free weights for those who prefer to lift heavier loads.

Celebrate the achievements and milestones of residents within your student accommodation community. Recognize academic accomplishments, personal growth, or contributions to the community. Organize celebratory events, award ceremonies, or graduation parties. Show support and appreciation for one another’s achievements. By celebrating achievements and milestones, you foster a sense of pride, motivation, and camaraderie within your living community.

While there are plenty of student gyms in the town, some do not have enough equipment to cater for all the students that use them. This is especially the case in more established gyms which can experience high traffic and are often full of older members who have been coming to the gym for a long time and do not mind sharing equipment.

Those looking for a good student gym in Reading should check out the facilities at Saxon Court. This stylish private student accommodation has a gym for students to work out in, a cinema room and cosy common areas for coffee breaks or studying. The apartment block is located in the heart of the town centre and is only a 16 minute walk to the university or a short journey to Reading Train Station.

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