List of Autodata Tech Info & Training For Sale

The UK-based company Autodata was founded in 1972,[1] and is known for providing the automotive industry with expert OE manufacturer technical information in a standardised, accessible format. The company currently covers 99 per cent of vehicles on the road in key markets, including Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

According to its website, Autodata offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on domestic software sales to end users. It also offers a subscription model, allowing customers to pay for the service and update it regularly as their vehicle models change.

autodata has recently added a number of features to its service, including online training videos. These are designed to help technicians solve problems and perform repairs, while reducing the time spent on research. The videos cover topics such as electrical and mechanical fundamentals, advanced diagnostics, and emerging technologies like ADAS.

These training videos are world class quality and a valuable tool to support your workshop’s technical training program for technicians. They complement your complimentary Capricorn Service Data which contains all the tech specs that you need to carry out your servicing and repair jobs. In fact, we found in our State of the Nation survey that accessing technical information and diagnosing problems is one of the top challenges for our Members.

Autodata’s online Training subscription has been developed to support workshops in upskilling their technicians and addressing the rapidly changing technology in vehicles. This service offers a subscription to a library of 350 technical training videos, covering everything from electrical and mechanical fundamentals through to advanced diagnostics and the latest technologies like plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles. It is easy to use, can be accessed on demand and removes the financial and logistical issues associated with traditional courses.

That’s because there is no need to find a course, book travel and accommodation or lose a technician for a day away from the workshop. Instead, they can watch the training at a time that suits them in their own workplace. Using these videos can save your workshop an estimated four hours a month, which is the equivalent to the cost of a full day out of the workshop. It can also be re-watched as often as needed and is available to all technicians at all levels of experience, from apprentices through to head office technical staff. Adding to the value of the product, it is available for a low monthly fee and is a complementary addition to your Capricorn Service Data subscription. The average salary at Autodata is $71,181 per year or an hourly rate of $34. This is higher than the median salary for similar companies in the United States, which is $63,224.

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